Litetature itineraries

  Travel literature invents new itineraries Once you have finished reading, it is precisely those places that you will want to go to there, where the characters of the novel or the authors of the story lingered, with their emotions, fears and joys.

Travel litetature

  Travel literature can make you travel even before you leave! While you read those books, even before your trip, you will find yourself immersed in places that you do not yet know and this is how you will begin to discover hidden corners of a city, villages in the countryside unknown.

Do you know....?

  One of the most recent research shows that those who read are happier than those who don't read.

Do you know why reading is important?

  Reading helps us stay young longer, at least mentally. This happens because reading stimulates our mind.

Why Is reading important

  Reading is an activity that involves different areas of the brain, stimulating and strengthening them. Improves memory, concentration, creativity, reasoning, problem-solving ability.

My book on sale

 My book in English, Spanish and Italian Is on sale for a week in all Amazon markets. "Lu Bummularu" The potter tells us the story of Selinunte 628 B.C.